Modern Horizon 2 – Going back in Time

If you’ve ever been to a Magic: The Gathering pre-release, then you know just how crazy they can sometimes be. With Modern Horizons 2 being the first release since the Covid pandemic it was definitely hyped up to say the least. With stores just receiving the green light to host events again, everyone was trying to figure out how to go about hosting a major event in person.

Normally stores are hosting MTG events several times a week at least, so when a pre-release rolls around its definitely exciting, but it’s just another night in the shop for a lot of people. However with no in person play over the last year having an event meant people could finally come back together. Not only was this exciting, but the people who were coming were being reunited with so many old cards that were being reprinted that it made it feel special.

We went to our LGS and every event, all three days of the weekend, was sold out. People were READY to be back playing paper MTG again. For the majority of people at the event this was there first time playing in person since the pandemic. Seeing packs flying open and the smiles on peoples faces as we sat across from each other building our perfect (or far from perfect) decks was great.

The old art boarders of the cards was such a fun throwback. Don’t get me wrong, I could stare at the extended arts of some of the new Strixhaven sets for days. MTG has done amazing with the art lately, in my opinion at least. I mean come on, have you seen the Japanese Strixhaven Mystical Archives cards? Freaking gorgeous. But the throwback of Modern Horizons 2 was the perfect next set. Here are some of the pulls we got with retro boarders

These pre-release kits were really packed with some awesome cards (and value)!

Between the cool throwbacks, the community that showed up, and being able to play in person again, I would say this pre-release was a big hit. Not everyday the LGS sells out for the entire weekend. While the pre-release events might be over, if you haven’t checked out the new set yet, get some games in this weekend on release! You definitely won’t regret it. Old players who want to revisit some amazing re-prints and new players who are just starting. Modern Horizons 2 has something for all.

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