Starfield – A Space Journey, 11 years Later

There’s been a lot of hype around space lately. We are launching crypto currencies up there, two billionaires are fighting over who gets to go to the moon first, you get the point. So it would only make sense for a huge game company to want to get in on the space hype.

The Starfield release date trailer came out at E3. Not going to lie, it looks cool. The detail definitely doesn’t disappoint either. The dust in the opening scene, the sandwich on the table, they put work in the details I’ll definitely give them that. I’m also pumped to see other people on the ship as well as guns. Looks like this could become interesting pretty quick. With a need for guns, looks like we might see some pretty cool action against… aliens, mechs??

With all the focus on the ship, I would love to see some space combat. No clue if we will see anything like that, but I sure hope.

When the astronaut first entered the ship I definitely felt some Master Chief vibes for a second. Not that this will be anything like Halo, but I sure hope it can become a big space game. I have always loved space games. It is such an interesting place to take a game into. We know so little about space that when designing a game in that area you have a lot of wiggle room. Having such an open world in space I really hope they make the best of what they have to work with.

Now, seeing a release date trailer without gameplay is never a good sign. We’ve seen that before and it usually means… delays. I’m going to trust Bethesda and hope we really do see this game come out when they say. I know they have been working on it for some time. If you didn’t catch it, the game releases 11/11/2022. That is exactly 11 years after Skyrim first released on 11/11/2011.

Starfield will also launch on Xbox Game Pass day one, Microsoft said.

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