Minecraft Hidden Depths DLC Makes a Major Splash

May 26, 2020. The middle of the pandemic when we were all forced inside, a new game was released, Minecraft Dungeons. Let me tell you… we sunk hours into that game. At the time I was living in NYC in a small apartment with my fiancé and two roommates. You know how New York goes, even with four people rent is still hard to pay. Especially in the middle of a pandemic. But alas! A new game to take our minds off a world falling apart around us. Exactly what we needed.

I think we played through the entire game at least three times. Something I love about the game is that it still gives you that freedom of exploring and finding things by yourself, but at the same time having to all operate on the same screen brings some sense of unity and teamwork. Or at least whoever’s closest tot he objective is going to yank everyone else over with them.

Now, to the DLC. After all that’s why you are at this article isn’t it? If I had one complaint about the DLCs, it would be the lack of levels. BUT, the length of the levels makes up for it, kind of. I’ve genuinely enjoyed each DLC that’s been released. Having new weapons, armor, and all that good stuff is fun. The previous DLCs have done a good job bringing in some fun mechanics. Sliding around on the ice in Howling Peaks anyone??

Now we are at the release of Hidden Depths. I think this has got to be my favorite DLC so far in its uniqueness. The new pet alone puts it on top right? Who doesn’t want a little baby turtle following them around! What I also really like is that we dive into a biome we don’t get to see a lot of in Minecraft. Snowy mountains & the Nether? Those places are cool but I’ve also spent a ton of time exploring them in a normal game of Minecraft. What I haven’t spent a lot of time exploring is a vast Ocean full of mobs and angry dolphins. Mainly because, well, you can’t. Not until Hidden Depths came out that is.

My favorite part however, is the new change to team work. Remember how I said Minecraft Dungeons allowed players to have a bit of freedom while still being on a team? Well, Hidden Depths makes a bit of a change to this. Mainly because you can now drown. That’s right, you need oxygen to survive under water (shocking I know). Scattered around the map are multiple places to refill that oxygen level. But they can be a little far, and if one of you has jumped off a ledge into the next spot, you both better get down there or someone’s going to die. Get into that big boss fight? Better keep a close eye on oxygen levels or it might be the lack of air that gets the final swing on you. Eventually in the levels you can find a little bubble that you carry around. It locks onto one player and follows you. The amount of times I accidently threw it in a bad situation trying to shoot my bow is to many to count. But it forces the players to stay closer together then you normally might in a battle.

Boss fights… there was a time where you could have a couple people hang back while the others went in for the damage. But now if you get separated and one of you has the air bubble and the boss is in between, it’s not going to be a good time. It really adds a whole new problem that you have to work together to solve. Problem solving with friends in this game has always been a fun (and often challenging) thing to do. But the new mechanics bring this to a whole new level. Oh yeah, bows don’t work under water either. At least not without some special upgrades.

I highly recommend this DLC. It almost makes it feel like a new game for a couple levels. If you’ve always imagined what an underwater world in Minecraft would be like, this is the place to find out.

Have any fun stories while playing the DLC? Let us know!

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