Netflix’s Sweet Tooth Adaptation: Too Sweet for Netflix!

Netflix released a comic book adaptation called Sweet Tooth on June 4, 2021. The first season of Sweet Tooth only produced eight episodes which were around 45 mins long.

The story starts off strong with character development and the backstory of the main character. Something important when doing an adaption from comics is catching up the viewers on the story many of us might already know. The show does a good job doing this right from the start and giving us lots of information to run with. It takes place in a post apocalyptic earth. A virus spreads that causes children to be born as hybrids. Humans with animal features.

The first story talks about the main character Gus. The show has a narrator explaining the problems and situations of the virus which caused these hybrids. It helps us catch up on all the chaos that has occurred from this virus.

It can be a bit predicable with its basic antagonist, which is a character that is part of the government that wants to eliminate the hybrids. No surprise, typical government thing to want to do. Sweet Tooth doesn’t waste its time to get to the climax however.

The series introduces lots of characters throughout the show which ties up the whole storyline. And is very well done at doing so. The art style was amazing. It was a refreshing look on the usual dark and gloomy style. I wouldn’t compare it a typical post apocalyptic film (The Walking Dead). It was more of an action adventure apocalyptic series where the characters don’t settle in one place to survive. Its more of them going on an adventure with a focus on their destination. Except this destination didn’t eat you when you got there (Terminus).

They picked an excellent cast for the series. Last Man on Earth star Will Forte did an excellent job. Game of Thrones actor Nonso Anozie also had an amazing performance. I couldn’t pick a favorite character in Sweet Tooth because their were so many interesting personalities. Overall Sweet Tooth is a show I would recommended to watch or even binge watch if you’re looking for a new series on Netflix.

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