Xbox Design Labs is Back! Finally some Customization for Console Players

(Source: Microsoft/Xbox)

Back in September 2020 Xbox Design Labs shut down. They needed to prepare for the launch of the next gen consoles Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S (and controllers). Which honestly props to them for those new Xbox controllers. The grips, and layout, all of it is amazing. I’m happy they put some effort into giving us better controllers.

Well now they are back! Xbox Design Labs is re-opened for business and all the customization needs you have. They announced this at the Xbox Game Extended Showcase. With the re-opening they’ve added a few new changes including new colors and engraving! This makes a total of 18 different colors you can choose, giving you more options then ever. On top of that who doesn’t want to add a cool engraving on the controller. We all want our old middle school gamer tags front and center right? If you haven’t payed the $9.99 to change your old gamer tag now might be a good time.

As both a PC and Xbox gamer there’s a huge difference in customization options between the systems. I can bring up a google search and find just about any mouse and keyboard design I could possibly want. RGB, sleek colors, weighted, etc.. You name it I can get it. With Xbox you got two options on the new controllers, white or black. Until now. Having customization on the new controllers is going to be a great way to show off some cool color combo, a favorite teams design, or a totally unique mixture. Xbox is really bringing back a great thing by opening this up again.

Head on over to Xbox Design Labs to pick your colors, select your buttons, slap on an engravement and get it shipped! Can’t wait to see all the new designs people come up with. Still trying to decide what I want.

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