Pokemon fans! The Pokemon Unite Trailer is Here!

(Source: Apple Insider)

Today the Pokemon Unite Trailer released. From watching the trailer I was really skeptical of this game. This is a new approach for the popular Pokemon series.

During the trailer they do a birds eye view of what it looks like a Pokemon stadium obstacle course. We see different types of Pokemon from all generations starting at the gate in their final evolution form. Then they get zapped by a lighting bolt which causes them to shrink back to starter form, before the gate barrier opens up.

I was curious what was the point of them returning back to their starter form. To start everyone off an equal playing field I’m guessing. Throughout the trailer Pokemon Unite looks like someone mixed League of legends, Smite, and Rocket League into one video game! If you watch the trailer you can see why, because you pick the Pokemon you want to use (your champion) and the goal of the objective is reaching a circular hoop. The hoop looks like a portal that gets a point for your team.

It does have the a similar concept of other Pokemon games. A Pokemon trainer floating behind your Pokemon and capturing a neutral weak Pokemon in the stadium. Maybe this will give your Pokemon a boost or level up. Seems like we will see an interesting mix of battling, capturing, and fighting with team objectives.

Overall Pokemon Unite looks like an exciting new direction for the company. It will be released for the Nintendo Switch July 2021 and for Mobile September 2021.

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