Heroes of Barcadia: A Combination Of Drinking & Dungeon Crawlers

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When I think drinking games I imagine Beer Pong and other party games with “house rules” AKA no rules. When someone pulls out a drinking game I’m not usually expecting to have to battle monsters, roll dice, and calculate my health. The only health calculating that normally happens in a drinking game is how many Tylenol am I going to need the next morning.

A new game on Kickstarter is challenging all those ideas. They are combining a drinking game with a dungeon crawler game. The game, Heroes of Barcadia, is described as “A pun-tastic, tile-based, dungeon-crawling, party tabletop game with a liquid twist — your health is measured by your drink!”

I don’t know about you, but this sounds like a super cool concept. We’ve all had that D&D campaign planned, but after a long week of work you just want to relax for a night. Imagine being able to still pull out a fun dungeon crawler game like this with some friends and fight monsters while not having to think to much. The game is supposed to be fairly simple. The rule complexity and strategic depth both are rated at “Low.” Even if you have no clue what a d20 dice is you could still pick this game up and have a fun night.

The game starts with players selecting a “liquid life” system. Basically a beer glass with heath bars down the side. You’ll fill it up with whatever you are drinking that game: alcohol, soda, water, etc. Nothing in the game requires you to actually be intoxicated, meaning you can play this game with any drink and any age group.

(Source: kickstarter)

Your cup will represent your player on the board and as you move around you will reveal the tiles that contain monsters and creatures. All you have to do is roll a dice, and if the number on the dice is higher than the monsters health, you will and collect powerups. If its lower, you drink down some of your health. As you collect more cards you will have ways to advance to bigger monsters and even trap your fellow opponents. With all good games, there can only be one winner. So battle and fight while not drinking to much of your life away to be the last player standing.

Seems like a fun and easy to follow game that can provide a different approach to drinking games. I’ll definitely be trying it out once it launches. The project has been on Kickstarter and will remain there until July 7th. With a huge amount of hype around it, it has already received $572,870 in funding after only asking for a $50,000 pledge at the time of writing. It has 6,829 backers. Sounds to me like a lot of other gamers feel similarly and are excited for a new type of game. hope it lives up to the hype and provides a fun game night experience!

(Source: kickstarter)
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