Jurassic World: Domination teaser has stunning footage, but you can’t see the rest unless you go to theaters

Ah, another Jurassic World movie. Fans have been waiting to see what is coming next and we finally have it. At least a little bit that is. Above is the “Extended Look Tease” for Jurassic World: Domination. It really is a tease to. In order to see the full extended look you’ll have to go catch F9 (AKA Fast & Furious 9) in an IMAX theater. Yep, that’s the only way you’ll get to see the full thing as of now. Hopefully after the movie is out we might see some more footage, but no way of knowing yet.

I have to give it to them, it’s an interesting way to advertise. With theaters struggling after the pandemic and streaming services rising in popularity, these theaters are trying to get people back. I can’t blame them for trying honestly. Locking the rest of that footage behind an IMAX ticket is going to get some fans to come watch F9. Or at least if they were on the fence maybe this will make the decision a little easier.

The little footage we do get is absolutely beautiful. The detail of the dinosaurs with the sun sparkling behind them is mesmerizing. It looks like the dinosaurs are roaming freely and we are getting a glimpse of these powerful beasts in their natural habitat. We see the full world where some fly in flocks, some are running sole, and the biggest predators are bumping heads in a fight for control. I sure have high hopes that this new film will bring on an interesting world.

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