Fortnite Throwing Another Virtual Concert in a Unique Stadium

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Fortnite is always trying to stay ahead of things. They have been experimenting with live music and having in game concerts. If you haven’t seen any, Travis Scott and Marshmello have both had awesome performances along with others.

These aren’t the first live events Fortnite has done. Changes in the game and end of seasons have often resulted in final events that alter the map. The only way to see it is to play at the exact time it happens and watch it live. It makes a very fun experience to share one event with gamers from across the world.

Brining in music to the game isn’t surprising. We know Fortnite players love their music. Dances from the game have gone viral and players can even dance in the game themselves. Having live concerts in the game is a perfect game to do it in. Makes you wonder if soon big tours will now have a “Fortnite” location on the bands tour schedule. Personally I think this could be a great idea. It gives the people who might not normally go to one of these concerts easy access to it. Helps bring new players to the game and helps the performer reach a new audience.

Fortnite’s latest concert is a bit of a change from what we have previously seen. A partnership between O2 & British music label Island Records will be the newest entertainment teaming up with Fortnite. To make this happen the game has created a replica of London’s iconic O2 venue.

(Source: IQ Magazine)

What a unique venue! Of all the places you could replicate this is a fun one. The game has done a great job of getting the details right. A few interior things have changed to give players more to explore and do, but the overall design is almost a perfect match.

Players are able to go ahead and start exploring. For many people this will be the only time they ever set foot in the O2, virtual or not. After the week collaboration it will end with a concert from UK indie band Easy Life. They will get the chance to perform six songs that will teleport players to unique worlds during each song.

“Being the first UK act to perform in Fortnite Creative, and for that performance to take place inside a venue as iconic as The O2, is truely humbling.”

Easy Life vocalist Murray Matravers

I’m definitely excited to see what the show looks like with all the hard work put in to make this happen. Being able to experience these things along side other players is always a fun time. Hope to see some of you in the concert!!

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