Halo Infinite Multiplayer Hype Going back to Reach

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Lots of news has been coming out about Halo Infinite lately. Of course, the iconic campaigns are always an interesting storyline. I’ll definitely be playing it as I’m sure many others will to. Single player games have become pretty popular lately with many new additions over the last year. But what is really being anticipated is the multiplayer portion of the game. Halo is one of those games that many people have good memories of playing with their friends. Coming back after school and hopping into some matches or hanging out at the midnight releases and playing with the crowd is what many people have good memories of. The game offers a space for both casual players and competitive players. Most of the people in my gaming circle loved Halo Reach. I can tell you personally I went through at least a couple hard copies of the game from playing it so much back on the Xbox 360.

When I heard that we will have a battle pass system, I wasn’t surprised. I suppose I hoped Halo Infinite would stay away from that model but they didn’t. I can understand why, as it is how multiplayer games are keeping up and adding new stuff. As long as games deliver new content, I don’t mind paying for some cool skins in support of the company. When I read that the first season would be based on Reach… I’ll pay whatever they want.

The new Halo Waypoint article has a lot to unpack about what we will be seeing when the game arrives. They do tell us, “…I can share that we picked ‘Heroes of Reach’ as a Seasonal theme for very specific reasons: Reach has a rich history; it’s a key location for Spartans of old and a focal point for a new generation of Spartans preparing to wrestle with the perils and mysteries of a galaxy that has fundamentally changed after the events of Halo 5.”

I feel like anyone who has played Halo Reach would have to agree. This is the best place to start and I couldn’t be happier. Any doubt I had in the game I am seeing fade away. Another big thing that Halo Reach had going for it was the customizable armor. Decking out your Spartan in sweet gear only made it cooler. You could tell who had been grinding the game for awhile and it was a cool way to really make the character yours. And guess what! That’s coming back too! This news only gets better and better…

Design Director Ryan Paradis says that there will be millions of customization combinations, “That includes things like armor coatings, armor emblems, various armor effects, down to the individual armor pieces, so your shoulders, your gloves, your kneepads, your helmet, your visor, your helmet attachments.” 

If you haven’t seen this Halo Infinite Multiplayer Trailer from June 13th check it out. It shows all kinds of awesome looking customization choices. On top of all this the Halo Waypoint app will allow you to customize all that right in the app. No more waiting for each player to take turns customizing between matches, everyone can throw on some quick changes from their phone.

(Source: Halo Waypoint)

So with all the throw backs to Halo Reach, how will the multiplayer keep things fresh? Each season will last for 3 months and will be telling a story along side multiplayer. If you’ve ever played Fortnite you’ll know how that works. It’s not a super involved storyline, but whenever the season changes the story around the universe change to. Not super uncommon to see now, but the first time Halo has tried it.

Head of Creative Joseph Staten says, “At the center of our plans is a goal to deeply root your Multiplayer character in the larger Halo universe and give them a vital, active role in the Halo story moving forward.” I think that will also keep it fresh and interesting and mean that we can expect to see all kinds of new things. This also helps those that aren’t familiar with the Halo universe to join in and become part of the story. A great place for new and returning players to start.

(Source: Halo Waypoint)
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