The Next DLC Fighter in Super Smash Bros Ultimate Will be the Last!

Super Smash Bros Ultimate revealed the latest character, Kazuya Mishima, during the Nintendo showcase at E3. If you haven’t seen it yet check out the release trailer, it’s pretty great. The ending bit with Kirby is actually pretty creative.

Masahiro Sakura whos the creator of Super Smash Bros made an announcement on June 28th, that the final character revealed in Fighter Pass 2 will be last new character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. No more DLCs will be coming to the game! While many fans feared this could be the last update to Smash, it is still a surprise to some.

Everybody in the Super Smash Bros community has their own unique predictions of who will be the next character revealed. While these predictions are only speculation and usually wrong, it’s fun to watch everyone guess. Many speculated, or maybe wished, that we would see Master Chief take to the arena. We all saw the shocking news of the Minecraft characters and Banjo Kazoee getting their invitation to the franchise. I think Minecraft surprised a lot of us and leaves us wondering who gets the final invite. Any gaming franchise character could get the invitation at this point.

In a video that Nintendo published on their YouTube channel, Sakura announced the last fighter will gets their invitation later this year. In my opinion I believe that the last DLC fighter will be revealed before the holidays. At the end of the video they say the last character is in development and the all challenger packs from Fighters Pass 2 will be distributed by 12/31/2021.

I hope this time the character isn’t a sword fighter or a shoto fighter from a street fighting videogame franchise. As someone who casually plays Super Smash Bros Ultimate and mains Fox or Villager, I would like a Nintendo character that’s from original consoles like SNES, NES, or N64. It would be hilarious if they invited Conker from Conker’s Bad Fur Day. The community is definitely waiting in anticipation to see who the games last ever fighter will be. Would love to hear some theories from you on who you expect or want to see in the game

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