Magic: Legends is Going to Permanently Close it’s Doors

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Magic: Legends announced in a recent Twitter post that they will be ending the game. While this is not a huge surprise it did shock some. Especially those who invested time and money into the game. Magic: Legends was not the most loved game by any means. It had a rocky start in Alpha and the changes players were requesting were ignored. While no company can be expected to listen to every users feedback, it kind of seems like the crew behind this game could have at least taken some of it.

The game moved into beta where it will now die. It is unusual to see a game with such a big name not even get out of beta. The core concept of the game was fine, but had many issues to work through. Many in the community are questioning why the company did not just fix those issues before a release, and instead are ending the game in beta. Seem like a bit of an odd move on their part.

If you aren’t familiar with the game it is a MMO Action RPG. It was definitely still trying to find it’s final identity through its testing. The mixed community reviews on the game also reflected this. Personally I was excited to see Magic try and explore this type of a game since they have such a vast universe that already has so many storylines. While the game needed work, the story was there and they had a lot of content to work with. It is always sad to see a game come to an end when so much work was put into it from the developers. I think the community feels very bad that these developers are losing the project so soon. Some Twitter users are already trying to find new jobs for them (the company hasn’t announced if they will lose their jobs or just be moved to another project). But it just goes to show that no one wants to see a game fail.

In good news, the company will be refunding all players who spent money in the game.

Even though this wasn’t a success, I hope we see Magic: The Gathering continue to explore new routes for play. The community is often willing to at least give something a chance, I think Magic has a vast universe to explore and could go many directions with it.

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