Will The New ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Movie Finally Give the Game the Light it Deserves?

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Dungeons & Dragons has been doing very well recently. The game is usually played in person but with most in-person playing having stopped with COVID, people were not to sure what would come next for the game. However, CNBC reported that Dungeons & Dragons sales jumped 33% in 2020. Even with people having to be forced inside the game still thrived. Players wanted to still connect with their friends and enjoy the game, and so it adopted an online life. Players could be found playing it over webcams and some went to great lengths to deign beautiful digital worlds.

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With the increasing rise in popularity it’s no surprise the idea of another movie has remained a consideration. What was once seen as a very inclusive game has started to be recognized as a fun and enjoyable game for all. With the increase in popularity it’s a great time to get a movie going.

Now, this won’t be the first time a movie has been done for Dungeons & Dragons, but it may be the first time a GOOD movie has been done. In 2000 a D&D movie was created, and let’s just say it wasn’t enjoyed… by anyone. Its reviews and ratings were terribly low and it was a huge flop. There were many problems with that movie. Not as many were familiar with the game at that point, but even that was not the biggest issue.

2000 D&D Movie

So where is this new movie going to be taking us? Here is the official description,

“An ex-Harper turned thief escapes from prison with his partner, a female barbarian, and reunites with a no-talent wizard and a druid new to their team in an effort to rob the cheating conman who stole all their loot from the heist that landed them behind bars, and used it to install himself as the Lord of Neverwinter. Only the traitor is allied with a powerful Red Wizard who has something far more sinister in store. Being directed by Jonathan Goldstein & John Francis Daley, and starring Chris Pine and Michelle Rodriguez.”

Sounds pretty good to me. One of the stars, Regé-Jean Page, says the movie will be a “huge sigh of relief for Dungeons & Dragons fans everywhere.” While I can’t say expectations for most people are to high after the last movie, I think this might give some people a little more confidence in the film.

Honestly it’s about time someone took on another D&D movie. There is a huge crowd for this right now and could definitely do well. The movie has just recently started shooting so we won’t be able to see it anytime soon, but hopefully the anticipation can build up as we see more and more from it. Check out these Twitter posts below for some behind the scenes images we have gotten to see from the set.

I definitely hope this new movie will give us a truly good story that lets the viewers take on their very own D&D quest on the big screen. With the advances in tech and CGI hopefully we can get something that really blows us away and immerses us into the world.

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