New Nintendo Switch Model is Released, But it Doesn’t Switch Much Up

Nintendo has been in the video game industry for a while now. From the NES to the Nintendo Switch, they have always managed to innovate and keep up with new technology. The latest release from this company is their newest model of their popular console: The Nintendo Switch (OLED model).

So let’s break it down… what’s coming in the new console? The biggest thing is the new screen. It is a seven-inch 720p OLED display, which is a bit bigger than the 6.2-inch screen on previous models. It will have 64 gigs of storage as well. A pretty cool feature is that the dock will have a built in LAN port. If you do a lot of online gaming and want the best connection possible, this will now be easy to achieve. The console will also have better audio. Some other smaller details include a better kickstand on the back and new colors. The controllers will be compatible from the older Switch.

The original Switch came out in 2017. After four years there was a lot of speculation about what Nintendo was going to bring to the table next. Rumors floated around about all types of features that we might see. One big thing many were hoping for was 4K resolution. Most consoles are moving this direction now and 4K is being accepted as the standard in gaming. I think there was a lot of surprise to see that Nintendo is sticking with 720p on this new Switch. While there are differences in game’s graphics between Nintendo and other large platforms, it’s still surprising to see that Nintendo does not want to match this.

Another big feature users wanted to see is bluetooth audio. With a system that is advertised as so portable, it seems almost crazy to still need wired headphones. It’s a bit of a blow that after four years we are still using wires. While the audio on the system itself is going to be enhanced, many people don’t feel like that will make up for it.

Similarly, battery life is not getting any upgrade. The bigger system and screen will increase the weight, but unfortunately with that increased weight the battery will remain the same. I think overall this is a bit underwhelming compared with all the things people were hoping for.


  • Bigger Screen
  • Enhanced Audio
  • Better Kickstand
  • More Storage
  • Built in LAN Port on Dock


  • No 4K
  • No Bluetooth
  • Same Joy-Cons
  • No Increased Battery Life
  • Higher Price Tag

So with a price tag of $349.99, is it worth it to buy? That really depends on whether or not you have one already. I would definitely not call this an upgrade, or have it fall into the hype of new consoles. It is simply a system with a bigger screen. This is a console for people who don’t already have one. If you are still trying to get your hands on a Switch, it might be worth the extra $50 for some of those features. If you already have a Switch, there is no reason to upgrade to this.

With Nintendo being unable to keep up with production of the Switch, there is no doubt this will sell out quickly. However, I believe it will sell due to the fact that people are trying to get their hands on a Switch, not because people are upgrading.

It releases October 8th.

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