Hullbreacher Banned from EDH Format in MTG as Players Rejoice.

The July 2021 update is out from MTG Commander. The main focus is the ban of a very controversial card, Hullbreacher. The official reason from the Commander Rules Committee for the ban is:

Hullbreacher has been a problem card since its release. Its ostensible defensive use against extra card draw has been dwarfed by offensively combining it with mass-draw effects to easily strip players hands while accelerating the controller. That play pattern isn’t something we want prevalent in casual play (see the Leovold ban), and we have seen a lot of evidence that it is too tempting even there, as it combines with wheels and other popular casual staples. The case against the card was overwhelming. 


Hullbreacher has been a pain in both casual and competitive commander games, and has given the community a lot of grief. The card is often abused with “wheel” effects. When does this way, it causes players to have to get rid of their hands and draw new ones. This allows Hullbreacher to create treasure tokens for every card that player draws. This can cause a game to be over very quickly if played at the right moment.

Often times when a card is banned the community can be very split on the decision. In this case the majority of players who have voiced an opinion are in favor for this ban. “Hullbreacher” is trending on Twitter the day of this news and players are celebrating the ban. Seeing this card come out of casual play will most likely be a good thing for the community. What are your thoughts, does the card deserve the ban?

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