Time to See Pokémon on a Nature Walk!

A Pokémon nature theme park is opening its doors this month. Earlier this week, The Pokémon company teased us with a trailer showing people handcrafting the Pokémon Metapod with palm leaves and Omanyte carved into stone. This was all for the announcement of the new Pokémon Nature park that will be coming to Japan for a limited time until next April. It will be called Pokémon Wonder.

The nature theme park will be interactive for visitors to capture Pokémon with their smartphone. Instead of going with AR technology the park will be using materials from nature like twigs, leaves, rocks, and stones to create Pokémon. They wanted to make Pokémon look real with natural materials. With more than 50 types of Pokémon around the park there will be a ton to see (and a ton to make).

I think its an unique way to incorporating nature into Pokémon. I think there will be a lot of gardeners using their green thumbs to provide maintenance of the nature park. This will be a big project to undertake and keep running. To have this many different types of Pokémon will require a lot of hard and time consuming work.

Pokémon Wonder will be located behind Tokyo’s largest amusement park Yomiuriland. I think it will be similar to a real life version of Pokémon Snap for visitors. This will be a nice touch of combining gaming with the outdoors to get fans to try something new. It would makes sense for this park being limited time because it will be a lot of maintenance to take care of. I can’t wait for more news as they reveal what’s to come.

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