FIFA 22 Official Reveal Trailer Showcases New Technology

The FIFA 22 official reveal trailer is here, and it brings about some exciting new tech. The trailer was revealed July 11, 2021. In the FIFA 22 reveal trailer they introduced a new Hypermotion animation system. For those of you who are not familiar, Hypermotion technology is a new gameplay technology that captures real time motion of professional players and tracks their high volume movements to help create a more realistic football experience. In the Trailer they show 22 players suiting up in Xsens suits to capture the movements of the players on the field.

(Source: Xsens)

Xsens suits record every touch, tackle, sprint and duel from all 22 players playing at high intensity for the first time ever, capturing data that powers over 4000 new animations in FIFA 22 to raise the footballing intensity, responsiveness, and physicality of every player in the game.

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They utilize this by showing the real life players on the practice pitch then overlapping with the animations of the players in game. These 22 official player movements will represent all soccer players in the game. Some of the players featured wearing the Xsens suits were Kylian Mybappé, Christian Pulisic, and Marcelo Vieira to name a few. French young super star, Kylian Mybappé, will also be taking the cover player once again on FIFA 22

A cutting-edge proprietary machine learning algorithm learns from over 8.7 million frames of advanced match capture, then writes new animations in real time to create organic football realism across a variety of interactions on the pitch.

EA Offical Website

FIFA 22’s goalkeeper system will be improved as well. A lot of fans have been looking forward to this. I would love to see them incorporate goal keepers movements from players like the Argentine national goalkeeper, Emiliano Martínez, who helped Argentina win the Copa America 2021. I’m looking forward for these new realistic movements. Each new release always brings more realistic features that make you feel like you are apart of the game.

FIFA 22 is now available for pre-order. It will kick off to store shelves and online on October 1, 2021. EA members will have early trial access and in game awards. It will be available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Stadia and PC. On the downside the Nintendo Switch will only have a legacy version. PS5 and Xbox users will have no free next-gen upgrade unless they purchase the ultimate edition for $99.99. What are your thoughts on these new features and updates? I know I’m excited!

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