Minecraft Dungeons Next DLC ‘Echoing Void’ Brings us to the End of Minecraft

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Minecraft Dungeons announced that the next DLC, Echoing Void, is coming on July 28th. This DLC as you may have guest from the images, is taking us to the End. Home of the Endermen, and the final boss of Minecraft. If you’ve played the game you know how intense this land is. Filled with danger around every corner and a dragon ready to protect his territory, the End is a place where players fight to beat the last boss of the game. We can only assume we will see some of this brought into the Echoing Void DLC.

This will be the final story in the Orb of Dominance series. Bringing us a conclusion to the story we’ve been following throughout the pandemic and last year of the game. With the conclusion of the story arc and the DLC bringing us to the final boss of the Minecraft game, this leaves us wondering about the future of Minecraft Dungeons… is this the end?

Does that mean it’s over for Minecraft Dungeons? Certainly not – there’s plenty more to come –but one thing at a time!

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This gives us assurance that Minecraft Dungeons is far from over, but just ready to move onto some new stories. As someone who loves the game, I’m glad for this news. We’ve gotten to see most the biomes the game offers through DLC’s and explore the worlds in new ways. Minecraft Dungeons has really given us a unique look into the world and also given us lots of new challenges to explore and fight our way through. I’m excited to see what will come next for the series. Will they start to develop completely new biomes or will we see the game go a different direction? I think the writers have something to say about this…

Just as with our previous adventures, we’re bringing a free content update alongside the Echoing Void release! Besides the addition of a handful of powerful enchantments such as Ambush, Shadow Blast, and Void Strike, we’re also introducing Gauntlet of Gales – a unique maze-like mission that puts your skills to the test through tricky trials and perplexing puzzles!

Per LandinMinecraft.net writer

Gauntlets of Gales sounds super interesting. I wonder if this will be a direction the game takes in the future regarding new maps. A maze sounds like an interesting way to bond with friends while hunting for the solution. I’m super excited to see what this ends up looking like in the game.

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