The Steam Deck or the Nintendo Switch OLED Model: Which should you get?

(Source: IGN)

With Valve releasing the Steam Deck it’s bringing a whole new experience to gaming. Big companies like Ubisoft are considering putting their games on it if it gets big enough. However, it may have a rival. Nintendo has also announced that they will be releasing the Nintendo Switch OLED Model which will be relatively the same size and storage capacity. The Steam Deck will have a bigger selection of games as it can download all Steam games. With Handheld Consoles being Nintendo’s turf for decades, Valve will be an interesting rival in the market.


The Steam Deck will start at $399 when it releases in December. Which is just $40-$50 dollars more than the OLED Switch, coming out in early October. So Nintendo already has a one up over the Steam Deck.


They both have the same base storage capacity at 64 GB. However, the Steam Deck has a few more versions with the first one being $399 and 64 GB of storage, the second at $529 with 256 GB of storage and finally, the third at $650 with 512 GB of storage. The Steam Deck also has a slot for a microSD card to increase storage. If you were willing to pay extra, the Steam Deck levels the playing field.


The OLED Model and the Steam Deck have roughly the same size screen at 7 in. Though, the Steam Deck’s Joy-Con like controllers are a lot bigger and don’t even slide off. The Steam Deck will be heavier because of this. With that being said, The OLED model is in the lead.

How Many Games?

There are a ton of Switch games, but there are thousands on Steam, and with the Steam Deck having all of said Steam games (and possibly more in the future) that leaves the debate in a tie once again.

Which One Should You Get?

The Steam Deck and the Nintendo Switch OLED Model are very similar when it comes to cost and storage capacity. The biggest difference is the games that each platform has. So, if you are a really big fan of Nintendo and really want The OLED Model, go ahead. However if you aren’t crazy about Nintendo and prefer PC games and want some more variety, I would go with the Steam Deck. In the end it’s really up to you to decide what games will better fit your play style.

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