Video Games Are Coming to Netflix. Will We be Able to Explore Our Favorite Netflix Shows in Game Form?

Netflix has decided to take on a new type of digital entertainment next year, video games. Netflix will be making its way to let subscribers play video games as part of their services. This could be a big move for Netflix to try and stay ahead of competitors as more companies move to develop streaming platforms. Netflix was the leader in that field and looks to be trying to remain ahead with this new strategy.

“Early stages of further expanding into games”

netflix Letter to investors

Netflix has hired former Facebook and Electronic Arts Executive, Mike Verdu. He will be working in the game department of Netflix. You’re probably asking yourself what type of games or video game systems would be partnering the popular streaming service. Netflix has said as of now they will be aiming for mobile games. Mobile gaming is something that almost anyone can play and participate in. This will allow Netflix to reach all of it’s subscribers and not limit it to only those will consoles and gaming systems at home. While this may shift in the future to include more professional gaming, as of now it will remain on mobile.

Netflix won’t be charging extra access for this new update as long as you are a subscriber. It will all be included in the plan you have. Netflix also wants to adapt some of their original shows into games. A Stranger Things game is a consideration that would be exclusive to Netflix gaming. While this is new to Netflix, the idea is not. Netflix has been discussing bringing on gaming to the platform for some time now and is finally pulling the trigger on it.

A datamine of Netflix gaming reveals an image from Ghost of Tsushima and dual sense controllers. Can this be a hint that PlayStation games are making a move towards Netflix? Will we see other video game companies want to partner with Netflix? Lots of rumors are being shared on what this could mean. We do know there are talks of a Ghost of Tsushima movie coming as well that this could be related to. It still leaves us wondering why these images are here.

It will be interesting to see what comes in the next near as Netflix roles out this new feature. People are speculating what games could be made. Could we see some Black Mirror style games that throw us into a crazy world, or maybe let us battle in the Shadow and Bone fantasy universe? There is a lot to think about and we are super excited to see what direction Netflix decides to take this.

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