DreamHack Beyond Brings Interactive Gaming Festivals to You.

If you are into gaming conventions and events you have probably heard of DreamHack. Since their first big event in 1994 in a school cafeteria they have become a huge space for gaming demos and events. They host crazy conventions around the world that bring out a huge number of gamers. One of the biggest things they are known for are the massive LAN parties at the events. When the normal booths and events close the crowd turns to their personal computers to game together all night long. Held in massive centers, participants can bring their personal gaming PC or rent one from the event for these nights. You can find streamers competing in huge competitions on one side of the venue and people grouping up in an RPG on the other side. It is a sight to see.

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In response to the pandemic closing down most big conventions and forcing them to go digital, DreamHack put a special twist on theirs. They have opened up DreamHack Beyond. It is more than just a schedule of Twitch hosts and YouTube Live videos, it’s an actual interactive digital event. DreamHack’s website says this:

Welcome to DreamHack Beyond, an at-home, all-digital free interactive experience showcasing the best of DreamHack. Players can dive into the story of the mystical Sleepers by creating their own characters, completing the game’s narrative, looking for side quests and building up their XP, farming for items like Cheer Gear, and more! Want to skip the game and get right to the booth you want? No problem!


The event is running from July 24 – July 31 for an early access experience. It is literally a video game in which you can have fun in and still be yourself while interacting with the festival. You will be able to create your own character in the game with customizations and collect special cosmetics to go along with them (including pets!). You will be able to experience a main campaign as well as multiple side quests that you can earn XP from. The game will have many different halls to explore where you can cheer on your favorite players and teams.

The main stage will still have the big events, streams, music, and tournaments that the fans have come to know, but new things will also be introduced to the festival. Of course the tournaments that competitors come for will still be happening, and you will be able to both compete in and spectate those in different halls.

The best part is general admission tickets are free! So hop on into the festival and check out everything the convention has to offer. This is a super unique way to do an online festival and is something extremely thought out and well done by the company. If all online festivals were like this the experiences would be so much better. I hope DreamHack sets a new standard for companies that are continuing to remain online.

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