Time to Snap New Pokémon for Free!

(Source: Pokémon)

The Official Pokémon Company posted on their YouTube and social media account a video that shows a free content update is coming to Pokémon Snap! An actually free Pokémon Update, not some DLC exclusive! In the free content update video it show a variety of creative pictures the fans in the Pokémon community posted on the online feature in New Pokémon Snap with a overlying font reading, “Thank you all for memories with Pokémon!!” then with another font displaying, “New Areas unlocked”. It gives you a Point of view shot of the photographer sliding down a river behind a Psyduck seeing new Pokémon.

In the content update trailer we can peak that some new Pokémon you can capture are Psyduck, Swalot, Gyarados, and many more. It will feature a total of 20 new Pokémon. The update also will include several new areas to explore.

(Source: Pokémon)

It also looks like your Zero-One (the vehicle you use) shrinks down and takes pictures of the normal size Pokémon that now look like Giants to you. It’s a neat concept because you can be riding on the back of an Emolga while snapping pictures. The free content update will be available Today, August 3rd, 2021.

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