Money Heist Trailer Brings the Crew Back One Last Time!

Money Heist (AKA La Casa De Papel) is a Spanish crime, drama, and heist show produced in Spain. They have just released the trailer for Season 5 Volume 1. The last season left us with an action packed time and a big cliffhanger. Fans have been waiting to see what the final chapter of the story will bring to the screen. The Trailer was released on August 2, 2021. Season 5 will be split into two volumes. They have announced dates for both volumes, with Volume 1 being released on September 1st and Volume 2 following shortly after on December 3rd. We can expect this final season to really bring out emotions and include some big events.


(Source: Money Heist Images)

In the trailer the whole crew is back except some of the Heist members that passed away in the last season. This includes Nairobi, who fell into a trap and came back alive but was shot by Gandia. The Professor is tied up in chains by the cop Alicia Sierra, and isn’t looking too great either. The man with the plan seems to be hurting. The trailer starts off with heist member, Tokyo, narrating just how troubling times are for the crew right now, “Locked up for a hundred hours, trapped and about to be killed, and having lost a best friend, it feels like a hundred years have gone by.”

Since the professor is captured it’s up to Lisbon to guide the heist members to escape the Bank of Spain with the gold they stole. Their biggest obstacle is the Spanish Military. In this trailer it appears it’s going to be the heist crew versus the Spanish Military in one final showdown. This might be one of their biggest challenges with no guidance since the previous seasons they had The Professor being their intel on the outside. With the crew having to pull a bit more weight this will turn into an interesting attempt.

Let’s see if the crew can live up to the challenge this September!

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