FIFA 22 Career Mode Brings New Improvements!

(Source: FIFA 22)

For years FIFA fans have wanted Career Mode to have new features. Something fresh and more customizable that adds to the game. With FFIA 22 they are getting around to adding some pretty cool stuff.

The “Create a Club” feature is back but improved. Players are able to build a team from any league but the catch is it would swap out a current team from that league, but don’t worry the club you replace will be heading to the rest of the world selection. Another new feature they added to this is that you can select any team in the league you choose to be your Rival. The cool concept of this is the commentary will talk about it in the broadcast and news coverage in game. It makes it feel a lot more special when the choices you made are being broadcasted out to listen to.

You get to create your own creative team name, crest, kit, badge, and stadium with a variety of customization options as well. You can pick the nickname of your team for the commentator to use during the match.


(Source: FIFA 22)

Another new feature they added is customizing your teams stadium. You can change the color of the stadium, the seat color in the stands, and the atmosphere like the grass and net. As well as all the chants and anthems. This will make it really feel like a home stadium.

Player or Manager

(Source: FIFA 22)

Don’t worry fans you can start off with two selections picking “Player Career” or “Manager Career”. When playing FIFA career mode in the previous games, I personally enjoy playing both options. As a player you can start on the bench as a substitute then make your way to the starting lineup, or you start in a small club and make progression to be recognized by a bigger club. It’s a fun grind to try and be the best player possible and become recognized as a star player to your team.

As a manager you’re able to pick the age of the squad, star rating, and transfer budget on the team you created. It is an intense battle to compete against other teams and prove to the league that you are the manager that will take it to the top. It’s fun to be able to have control over all the choices and make the big calls.

They added the dressing room feature that will give you cut-scenes of your player cheering with his teammates after a well earned win or a disappointed walk into the locker room after a hard defeat.

(Source: FIFA 22)

Overall with these new changes its going to make me want to grab FIFA 22 and try them all out. Its going to be a fun challenge playing Career mode!

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