Disney’s Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser is Getting Closer to Boarding

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Disney has been keeping quiet about pricing and details of the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser experience they are working on. Ever since the project was announced people have been speculating about what exactly it will be, and how much it will actually cost. If you’ve ever taken a Disney vacation you know it’s not usually a cheap experience. The Galactic Starcrusier will definitely not be an exception to this.

Before we get into pricing, let’s talk about what happens while aboard the ship. When news first came out of the project it was thought that this would just be a Star Wars themed hotel. However, it is turning out to be much much more than that. The Galactic Starcruiser will be a fully immersive experience that will last for two nights. Once you check in you will take a shuttle pod up to the ship where you will spend the majority of the stay (obviously this is not a real ship, but Disney is doing everything they can to make it feel real). From there you will be able to start exploring and get oriented with the cruiser.


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Disney has released a sample itinerary of what a stay aboard the cruiser might look like. The first day will be geared towards learning things aboard the ship. Sabacc lessons (who wouldn’t want to learn that game), and Bridge training will be among a few of the things you get to do. All food (except specialty drinks and alcohol) will be included in the price you pay to board. This is not something you see in Disney resorts. You won’t have to worry about food, and there will be nice dinners each evening. This is very similar to what you would experience if you were on a cruise. You will even be able to pay an additional fee to sit with the captain at dinner if you feel like discussing ship mechanics and hearing stories from the galaxy.

Another thing included in the total price is tickets to Galaxy’s Edge for each passenger for a day. The second day you will be able to take a transport shuttle to explore the park. You are also guaranteed a seat on the highly sought after Rise of the Resistance ride. At this point it’s so popular that it’s kind of a gamble to get on and you have to hope for the best. But Galactic Starcruiser guests will have guaranteed access to it.

You will be able to use your Sabacc training for a competition the next day, practice lightsaber skills with a very immersive experience, and enjoy a dinner with food samples from around the galaxy. You will also notice there are “Unexpected Story Moments”. These moments will pop up randomly on the ship and you will be able to interact with the crew to complete missions. From smuggling rings and heists to assisting the Resistance you will have the chance to make your name in the galaxy.


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The food aboard the cruiser looks pretty great. If you’ve ever eaten in Galaxy’s Edge you’ll know how interesting the food is. It is all themed around different planets and Star Wars culture. I’m sure meals on the cruiser will fit the theme. Breakfast and lunch will consist of unique small plates, sandwiches, soups, flatbreads, etc. Of course, Blue Milk will also be a beverage you can enjoy.

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The first night’s dinner will be a table-service supper club with live music from the galaxy’s best performers. The second night is the meal I think sounds very fun and interesting. You will get to taste food from around the galaxy inspired by all the different planets. Disney says:

With the serving of each course, a brief introduction presents the name, inspiration and ingredients for the dishes. The meal includes group appetizers for the table, a choice of entrée and a specialty plated dessert.


This will surely be an experience that fans will love. It is one of the coolest sounding dinner ideas I’ve seen in a resort.

For the adult guests the Sublight Lounge will be open for drinks. From chatting with others to playing a game of Sabacc, the lounge will be a fun place to unwind in the evening. Inspired by many stories from around the galaxy I’m sure there will be some interesting Star Wars Easter eggs to explore.

Included Perks

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As we break everything down, you can see the cabin, experiences, food and beverages, admission to the park, and valet parking are all included. This really is an all inclusive resort. Guests are welcome to dress the part as well to make the experience feel even more real. I’d be in my Jedi robes the entire time…

The rooms also have windows looking out into space to watch as you fly through the galaxy. You might catch some ships you know and love flying past, or maybe even see an intense battle unfold between the Resistance and First Order. Imagine waking up at night and seeing spaceships fly by your window as you are looking for a sip of water. The experience doesn’t get much more real than that.


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As with any Disney property we expected high prices. A lot of people are surprised at the pricing for this experience as it is very high. You can see above that a two night stay for two people will start at $4,809. That is for weeknights between 8/20/22-9/17/22 as the image says. We don’t know how prices could change after the first month or during busier times. While I do feel this will be out of many people’s price range, it is a full experience that includes a ton of things. It’s being compared to other Disney properties, but we have to remember this resort includes access to the park and covers all meals.

For the hardcore Star Wars fans this will definitely be something to add to your bucket list. I’m excited to start seeing more as we get closer to the official opening. So keep looking for updates as we get a few steps closer to going to a galaxy far, far away.

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