Lightyear Frontier is Bringing Customizable Mechs to Farming

(Source: Steam)

Gaming goes through periods where a specific genre is in high demand. Not too long ago, everyone wanted to make Battle Royale games. Now we are seeing a lot of farming type games become popular. Things like the massive success of Stardew Valley accelerated this popularity. There are some others who have helped pave the way as well, like Animal Crossing, but Stardew Valley was a hit on Twitch and captured the attention of many people. Farm games are a great genre for everyone; from people that want to sink in hours to those who just want a casual and relaxed experience.

Currently in the works is a farming game with a bit of a twist to it. This game is Lightyear Frontier. The twist: all your farming is done from a mech (a giant robot you ride in). These machines have been around in gaming for a long time. From their huge popularity in Titanfall to adapted versions in Halo 4, these big, stompy robots are nothing new. Usually, however, they are seen fighting in intense battles where power is needed to defeat a big enemy. Seeing them in a farming game is a bit of a change. As farming games typically don’t have those types of battles it will be interesting to see what the developers have up their sleeves with this one.

As you can see from this reveal trailer, this looks like a fun game. The music selection is amazing; I could chill out and relax to this all day. Music is a huge factor in farming games as you will spend hours immersed in this world and if it doesn’t blend in and create a relaxing environment, you can’t really get lost in the digital world. Lightyear Frontier seems to have that figured out.

As with all good farming games, you will be able to bring four players together to explore this new alien world in a group. You will also be able to customize your mech as you go on this journey. While we doubt this will be anything like a Borderlands mech skill tree, I’m sure you will be able to make some important choices related to how the machine can handle different farming tasks. In addition to that you will be resource gathering, crafting, and base building. The game will also have seasons that affect farming and world events. Maybe the mech will come in handy in the snow after all. Does it snow on alien planets? I guess we’ll find out.

(Source: Steam)

While we don’t have a release date yet, we know Steam will get Lightyear Frontier for the PC. It will also make its way to Xbox eventually. It doesn’t appear it will be making its way to PlayStation – an interesting move by the developers. Maybe we will see that in the future, not sure yet.

The game is definitely trying to make a splash in its genre and set itself apart. If they are able to combine the farming genre with a bit of Sci-Fi from the alien planet I think it could do really well. I do enjoy these types of games as they are a nice way to just chill and relax after a long day. I hope this game brings something new and exciting. The customization options sound very interesting, if done well I think it could be a hit. Excited to see more revealed about the game!

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