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Sonic & Tails Joining Monkey Ball Mania as Playable Characters

(Source: Screenshot)

Any fans of Super Monkey Ball have probably played Sonic before. I grew up on both games and the nostalgia from seeing this was real. Sonic is celebrating its 30th anniversary with Super Monkey Ball following close behind celebrating its 20th. With such big anniversaries this was the perfect collaboration. Hard to believe these games have been around for so long now.

Collaborations have become more and more popular in video games to really try and combine audiences. It’s a great way to get people to spend time grinding on a game while experiencing another game within it. I really enjoy seeing brands do this as it usually brings something exciting and a new way of seeing your favorite characters in a new world.

Sonic and Tails will be unlockable characters in the game. They won’t require any money or DLC’s and will be available to unlock through game play as soon as the game releases. These new characters, once unlocked, will be playable in over 300 stages and also 12 party games. I mean who wouldn’t want to run through the stages as Sonic? It looks awesome! Here is a short trailer showing them in action.

The game releases October 5th, so it’s coming up pretty soon. Super Monkey Ball has had some rough releases in the past and not enough publicity and attention. Hopefully seeing Sega put extra effort into this collaboration is a good sign that they have high hopes for the game and want to make it the best version possible. I’ll give the game a run just to unlock Sonic and race through the courses as a character I spent many hours with in my childhood.

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