Call of Duty Vanguard Release Confirmed

Data leaks and lots of speculation the last couple weeks have got people talking about what the new Call of Duty will be. Shortly after some images were leaked online the PlayStation store posted some of the first legit ads for it. Stating that on August 19th Warzone will be giving us the first real preview of the game, COD Vanguard.

Then first official teaser trailer was released shortly after this giving us a brief look into what we might be able to expect from the new game. The teaser takes us into the midst of WWII and the battles that follow. It appears we may be traveling into many different countries to battle. Beaches with wrecked aircraft, German forests, and even deserts.

As the trailer goes on, we see faces throughout the landscapes. Possibly hinting at new characters that will be introduced. The teaser gives us a lot to speculate on. No action or gameplay of course, but just the scene being set confirms we will be going to WWII like the many leaks suggested.

For now all we know is to be inside of Warzone on Aug. 19 at 1:30 p.m. ET. If you’ve ever been apart of these events before you will know that the servers can get hammered with players trying to see what will happen. Definitely get in the game a bit early so you are guaranteed to be loaded in and ready when it kicks off. While not much has been said yet about what’s coming, we know the event will be the “Battle For Verdansk”. A new Tweet from COD also gives a little information on what is to come. Suggesting a new armored vehicle that will need a squad to take it down.

With Battlefield 2042 coming out in October it will be interesting to see how the two compare. Two long awaited shooter titles competing for the spotlight. I look forward to the event to find out more about Vanguard and what we can expect from the newest COD release.

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