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Magic: The Gathering – 2022 Timeline and New Releases

(Source: Reddit User MilesExpress999)

Magic has been working hard to put out a lot of releases. With lots of teasing of what 2022 will hold we are finally getting a glimpse of the timeline. In the 2021 showcase they gave us a timeline of what new sets we will be seeing (and there are some great ones!). A Reddit user by the name of MilesExpress999 created a easy to read timeline posted above.

There are some interesting collaborations to say the least. The amount of things coming also seems to be a lot, leaving MTG fans asking many questions. So let’s get into these sets and what to expect.

There will be four main sets in 2022.

I’m pretty excited about all these. Fans have been hoping to see a return of Kamigawa for some time now, and I think this is a great way to bring us back to that plane. With three of the major sets returning us to places we have known or heard about this is an awesome time for MTG fans to be able to relive some of these familiar stories or dive deeper into worlds we have heard about. Of course new players will also be able to jump in and appreciate these rich stories as well. This next year will give us a great mixture of old gangster style worlds as well as rich technical worlds.

Another five sets will be coming that help add to the various forms of MTG.

These sets will be great for MTG players that don’t only play Standard Magic. Between giving commander players a new draft, unique art in Double Feature, and a funky new universe in Unfinity there will be something for everyone.

Magic is also getting into the Universe Beyond program they have been working on. Universe Beyond is a collaboration with other well known brands. Magic combines art and stories from these worlds and brings them into the MTG universe. We’ve seen collaborations with The Walking Dead and Dungeons & Dragons. This next year they will be expanding it by adding another three collaborations.

There is a lot to take in with all this. Hardly any details have really been released about the sets either. All we know is a little concept art and the general idea of what we will see. But it looks like a promising year for MTG players with all that’s announced. New players, old players, standard players, and EDH players will all find content to enjoy from these releases. I’m looking forward to jumping in!

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