Mockumentary on ‘League of Legends’ Team Coming to Paramount +

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Not that long ago the show American Vandal came out, giving us a look at a few funny and odd fictional crimes. The show did well and was a hit. It was able to bring comedy in a unique way that was still engaging. The creators Tony Yacenda and Dan Perrault who were behind the American Vandal series are teaming up to bring us a new show, Players.

Players will still fit their style of mockumentary filmmaking. It follows an esports team trying to fight for a League of Legends championship after years of failing. We know the main two characters of the show will be a 17 year-old rookie and a 27 year-old veteran player. As the younger player looks to be the teams prodigy player the two will clash egos.

Paramount Plus has given very little info about the show so far besides that we will be following an esports team and diving into this new world of sports. We do know that Yacenda will direct Players. He also directed the comedy series Dave, which follows the life of “Lil Dicky.” He is perfect to lead this shows direction and I’m excited to see what comes from this. With the popularity around League of Legends this is a great time to look into this world. Maybe we will even see some well known players make appearances in the series.

With Paramount Plus not having a ton of original content that has really had a huge fan base this could become a great hit for them. American Vandal caught a lot of attention and had a great following while it ran. The series left a unique genre open for more content with fans hungry for more. The shows get you immersed in these fictional problems that really make you want to see more. I hope that Players is able to capture this same excitement and grab the fans that have been waiting for the next hit.

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