The Last Smash Bros Ultimate Character has Finally Arrived!

(Source: Nintendo)

Nintendo has announced its final Super Smash Bros Ultimate character. The games 82nd and final fighter for Smash Bros Ultimate is Sora from the Kingdom Hearts gaming series. During a visual presentation Sakurai revealed the fighter in a trailer. Not only was Sora released but Doom & Splatoon costumes for the Mii fighters have been revealed as well.

Sora will be a light character but considered as a sword fighter with some slight differences. During the presentation they showed a clip of Sora’s final smash of him locking his foes in a keyhole and sealing it with his iconic key blade then finishes with a loud explosion right behind him. The final DLC character will come with costumes as well. The eight costumes will be from the Kingdom Heart series including costumes from Kingdom Hearts to Kingdom Hearts 3.

Sora’s stage has been added as well including a full Kingdom Hearts song list. The stage for Super Smash Bro’s Ultimate is Hollow Bastion. Hollow Bastion is a classic map that all of the Kingdom Hearts fan will remember. The stage will contain one platform in the center that will contain the combat. As players are down to one stock or the time is about to expire the stage will travel players to a unique area inspired by Dive to the Heart where you will see stained glass art of different characters in the Kingdom Heart. This will be an awesome way to pay tribute to the game and all the characters that fans have come to love.

All this will come with Challenger Pack 11. After downloading the challenger pack the players will receive nine music tracks from the Kingdom Hearts series. A song from Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory will be added as well. The Mii costumes, Sora, Hollow Bastion Stage, and song list will available October 28, 2021 for $5.99 as a stand alone download or included with the Fighters Pass 2. Players get your key blades ready for this last Smash Bros Ultimate release!

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