Is New Smash Bros Character Sora Just Another Sword Fighter or Something Far More Deadly?

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Fans were waiting and waiting for the last character to be added to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Finally, it was announced that Kingdom Hearts character, Sora, would be the final fighter to enter the game. This had many people asking, is this another basic sword fighter??

Does Smash Bros actually have that many sword fighters? Looking at the roster it’s about 22% sword/blade fighters. It could be argued that Sora doesn’t have a sharp blade like Chrom or a big blade like Cloud. But the way he uses this keyblade definitely is the way a sword fighter would. He can thrust forward, hit, and slash in a way that the other sword fighters do. So it is definitely fare he is labeled in this category. With that said, he is not a generic sword fighter like the rest in this class.

One of the biggest things about Sora is that he is lighter then other sword fighters, Sephiroth being the only exception. He can almost float over enemies while he jumps around the battle field. His basic three hit attack can also be performed in the air making it deadly with his lightweight body. Should his keyblade make contact on the first hit, it has a pull that brings the enemy in closer. Making it easy to trap people in the air with you.

Should you catch yourself fighting against Sora, make sure to stay on the ground and not get to close to the edge or off the platform. Should Sora catch you to far away he will smack you out while he simply floats back. With his lightweight this does make one of his biggest enemies heavy fighters. Ganondorf can easily send him flying if he gets caught. However, Sora has a pretty good recovery. His up special is a spin attack that can get him pretty far away making it hard to knock Sora out of the map.

Sora does have some cool abilities that change each time its used. Starting with Blizzage, you are able to freeze an enemy trapping them for a brief time. Next comes Firaga, that shoots a bolt of fire at pretty decent range doing some damage. Last comes Thundaga, which sends several bolts of lightening from the sky in the direction Sora is facing. This is my favorite as it can damage and slow multiple people at once.

I think Sora can definitely stand up to other fighters with a great set of abilities, skills, and attacks. As long as Sora can avoid getting thrown too much by heavy hitters there should be no problem. It is easy to fly around the battle field getting some strong attacks in. I think this fighter is a pretty cool addition to the game and hope to see some cool plays coming.

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