‘Pokemon GO’ Creators Aim to get People Outside Again with New Game: Pikmin Bloom

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In the summer of 2016, the beloved Pokemon GO game came out. I remember being a bored college kid at the time who was staying on campus to work. My roommates and I downloaded it having no clue what to expect. The next thing we know we’re surrounded by others playing it. I could walk downtown and literally 100’s of people would be standing on the sidewalks catching Pokemon. It was an insane experience having people from all walks of life join together, in person, to play a game together.

While Pokemon GO is still being played and updated, it doesn’t have that initial release popularity anymore. Nintendo and Niantic have teamed up to bring another game to get you out of the house, Pikmin Bloom.

The idea here is that users get out of the house and go for walks. You can journal, add pictures, and keep logs of the day’s adventures. As you explore new places you will find more Pikmin along the way. You are a Mii on the screen and other users will be identified by Mii’s as well it seems. As you gather Pikman they will follow you along and leave flower trails behind you. Other users will be able to see these as well.

Much like the Pokemon GO game, Pikman Bloom will be encouraging users to get out and active, and in doing so collect little creatures that will follow you around. This won’t be as exciting as battling and collecting rare creatures like Pokemon does. But it isn’t meant to necessarily copy Pokemon Go, it is something simpler. While this might not be a huge hit and get tons of people out, hopefully it at least encourages others to get moving and have a little fun while doing it.

The game has started to appear in other countries and should role out around the world within the next few days.

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