Halloween Count Down: Five Scary Movies to Watch Now

Halloween is almost here, and that means it’s time to jump on the couch and hide under the blankets to get ready to scream when turning on the TV. Grab your partner, friends, and family and catch these movies while we count down to Halloween. Here are my top horror movies that you should check out!

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Devils Due (2014)

This creepy thriller movie brought me chills when I saw this at my local movie theater. The movie plot can be a bit random at times but still tells an interesting story. It’s about a couple who goes on a honeymoon until run into a cult that does a ritual on the pregnant wife. The movie camera style is in POV angle. This angle shows us how the husband was filming with his camera, leading us to wonder what else might be going on. This movie will definitely get the hair on your neck standing up as it deals with a family trying to enjoy time together until things go horribly wrong.

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The Conjuring (2013)

The movie has to be one of my favorite horror movies. It is based on horrifying and true events surrounding Ed and Lorraine Warren. The plot is really terrifying, especially when you know this story actually happened to someone. While there are definitely parts added for the horror elements, the Warrens truly saw some crazy stuff in their lives. The premise of The Conjuring deals with two paranormal investigators who go to help a family who has been terrorized by a dark presence in their farmhouse. This movie won 15 awards and 22 nominations. Director James Wan did a magnificent job directing this movie. The actors also did a great job portraying the real people and roles they are playing.

Fun Fact: The Rhode island home that inspired The Conjuring is on the market for $1.2 million.

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When seeing this movie in theaters it was quite terrifying. In fact, many people even walked out of this one when it got intense. The plot is about a grieving family being haunted by the family history. The movie was really intense at times and can be pretty disturbing. The Hereditary premise was beyond creepy with a twisted family story.

The movie has a unique cast such as Toni Colette, Alex Wolf, Miley Shapiro, and Gabriel Bryne. There were many jump scares and scenes which twisted my stomach. There is a gruesome moment to a child that really makes you just want to look away and quickly takes a turn for the worst. The story just really confuses your mind at times.

After the movie wrapped production, actor Alex Wolf said the film did so much damage to him that he decided to go to therapy.

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Midsommar (2019)

From the same director of Hereditary, came Midsommar. This one also hits home with a group of close friends who decide to travel together. Unline the dark and moody scenes of Hereditary, this film takes place in a colorful and bright world during what first appears as a happy festival. I would warn you though, once this film starts to take a dark turn it goes quick. Violent cults, gruesome deaths of the elderly, and horrible rituals all fill this film. This one just might leave you walking away in a weird mood as this film can be intense. However, it is a truly great horror film.

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Jaws (1975)

We all probably know this classic movie directed by Stephen Spielberg. This movie isn’t about some random shark eating people for no reason, it actually has a great premise. What I like about the story of Jaws is that they go deeper into the plot. This movie tells a fantastic story about a shark in the waters off of Long Island where a sheriff, marine biologist, and old seafarer must work together. We’ve all heard the famous soundtrack of when Jaws is on the hunt. Waiting to see who might get eaten next keeps you on the edge of your seat. Of course, we would all know its famous quote, “We’re going need a bigger boat!”

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