Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) LOCK//IN: Free Rewards & How to Claim

If your into Valorant or E-Sports you have probably heard about VCT Lock In by now. It’s the biggest international event in Valorant history.

With such an important event, you need some awards for viewers as well. In this case, it will be in the form of two Twitch drops. These are actually super easy to claim compared to the way some drops work…

Just make sure before you start viewing:

  1. Head to Valorant’s official Twitch or YouTube channels. Official broadcasts will have “Drops Enabled” during the entire schedule.
  2. Connect your Valorant account to your chosen video streaming platform.


The easiest drop to grab is the new Locked In title. This title will only be available during this tournament, so grabbing it while you have the chance is important.

Requirements for the title: Watch a live game from February 13th – March 4th.

Super easy, just watch a game from your favorite team and it’s all yours!


Probably the cooler of the two drops in my opinion. Let everyone know you watched the finals and participated by rocking this buddy on your in game guns.

Requirements for buddy: Watch a live game during the Grand Finals on March 4th.

This will require you to tune in on a specific day, but maybe your team will be playing then! Check into Twitch on March 4th to claim this.

VCT bundle (Not free)

If you are looking for more ways to support the competitive scene and Valorant community, check out the bundle currently in the game store. From February 8th – March 7th, 50% of the proceeds from the collection will be shared with the VCT partner teams.

The bundle includes a pretty awesome looking knife that has some sick effects if you are top fragging! It also includes three cards and a new spray. If you are a fan of it grab it before it’s gone as it will never return in Store or the Night Market, this is a one time drop exclusively for the event! Just be warned it comes at a price point of around $55.

Additional Merch

There is also some cool clothing and merch to celebrate the kickoff. It can be found here. Though the limited release does seem to be popular and already selling out. If you are hoping to snag something to celebrate you better get on it quick!

What team will you be following this season?

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