ok ok, who are we? Petition play is a pretty simple idea. We believe everyone should play games and have fun doing it. That could be a serious gamer who’s the top streamer, or the guy playing candy crush on his way to work. The point is: You play games and have fun.

Simple right? We here at Petition Play LOVE games. We grew up on them, competed in them, and are still going strong. With enough knowledge on the subject we want to share our thoughts and opinions on gaming and pop culture. There are plenty of “news” sites that will tell you the newest features and specs. That’s not what we are here for. We want to give you honest and genuine reviews, share our thoughts, and help guide you around the vast gaming world.

Petition Play is made up of a few writers that all enjoy different aspects of the gaming world. We want to share our stories with you and tell you about the cool moment we had and why you should check out the game (or why you shouldn’t).

In short, we want to share our love for gaming. We hope you will join us along the way!