Nintendo Direct 2/8/22: DLC, Nostalgia, and Highly Anticipated Releases

With the wrap of this years announcements, it’s safe to say gamers are pretty pumped for the things to come this year. Exciting new games, DLC, and of course the welcomed nostalgia of seeing our old favorites brought back to life on screen.

‘Plan B: Terraform’ Review: A Relaxing & Easy to Understand World Terraforming Game

Whether this is your first game in the genre or you are a veteran, I would recommend giving it a look. I think it has something to offer everyone and will be a great game to play and relax with.

The Last Hero of Nostalgaia: A Stickman in a Souls World

A souls like game with a funny twist and a witty narrator. The Last Hero of Nostalgaia comes out October 19th 2022.

‘Lazaret’ Sets Sail to Achieve High Standards in this Upcoming Horror Game

An eerie atmosphere, an unsettling villain, and an immersive experience. This horror game brings an experience you don’t see to often.

Core Keeper: Is it on the Level of Terraria, Stardew Valley, and Valheim?

We look forward to seeing what else is in store for this game and seeing if it will be a well-remembered title in the constant stream of new games coming out.

Hunt: Showdown Targets the “Pay to Win” Character, Cain, Once Again.

The release of one character has arguably given players a good advantage over the rest in the stealth department. That would be legendary hunter, Cain.

Prey (2017) Review: A BIOSHOCK Expansion or Worth Standing as it’s own Title?

Prey (2017) is built on the same ‘idea’ as Prey (2006) was built on…. if you completely switched developers, themes, and game-play

Anchor Up Review: Set Sail, Sink Ships, Repeat

While this game may look simple enough from the outside, actually playing it requires a bit of strategy (and patients! You will lose, a lot).

‘Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty’ First Card Look from MTG

The first release of the new year will be Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty.

The Tale of Bistun Review: An Ancient Persian Myth Turned into a Living World

This game really has everything that I would expect to see from a well-developed game. A compelling story, an excellent narration, a beautiful soundtrack, and smooth gameplay.

Impossible Slasher! Review: A Nostalgic and Retro Platformer

Something about 2D platform games brings me joy. Maybe it reminds me of the old arcade games played with friends before we all had consoles, or maybe it is just the simplicity of early gaming.

Hive Defender Review: A Labyrinth of Traps, Death, and Strategy

Seeing this already have such a strong presence and identity as a game means this could really take off in our opinion

Space Base: Commodore a Fleet Against Your Friends

Some players love more strategic games and others are happy with very simple, no thinking, types of games. Space Base is a game that has a mixture of everything and is very simple to pick up

Viking Games are Taking Over as the Next Big Genre in Gaming

Ruthless, proud, and adventure-seeking warriors are the perfect character for gamers to want to play.

Forza Horizon 5 Updated Car List (Yes, the Halo Warthog is in Here)

We are seeing classic cars from the ’60s as well as futuristic vehicles like the Halo series famous Warthog coming to the starting lines.

Classic N64 Games are Arriving on the Nintendo Switch

Lots of Nintendo fans grew up with a Nintendo 64 in their homes. Nintendo knows this and wanted to make an easy way for us to get our hands back on the classics.

Twitch Made Getting Featured on the Home Page Much Easier With New Update

Twitch streamers have always hoped for the chance to make it on the home page of the platform.

The Steam Deck or the Nintendo Switch OLED Model: Which should you get?

With handheld consoles being Nintendo’s turf for decades, Valve will be an interesting rival in the market.

Steam Deck is the Handheld PC Gamers Never Knew They Needed

Nintendo has been in the news a lot for the announcement of their new Switch OLED model. As far as handheld gaming I don’t think many were expecting much more and were about to just accept the new Switch. But now Valve has announced their own handheld gaming device, the Steam Deck.

RESEARCH and DESTROY Review: A Colorful Turn Based Action Game

We got access to playtest the upcoming game, RESEARCH and DESTROY. Here are our thoughts! (Spoiler: we like it)

New Nintendo Switch Model is Released, But it Doesn’t Switch Much Up

Nintendo has been in the video game industry for a while now… here’s the latest release.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Hype Going back to Reach

The new Halo Waypoint article has a lot to unpack about what we will be seeing when the game arrives. They do tell us…

Heroes of Barcadia: A Combination Of Drinking & Dungeon Crawlers

When I think drinking games I imagine Beer Pong and other party games with “house rules” AKA no rules. When someone pulls out a drinking game I’m not usually expecting to have to battle monsters, roll dice, and calculate my health. The only health calculating that normally happens in a drinking game is how many…

Starfield – A Space Journey, 11 years Later

There’s been a lot of hype around space lately. We are launching crypto currencies up there, two billionaires are fighting over who gets to go to the moon first, you get the point. So it would only make sense for a huge game company to want to get in on the space hype.