Video Games

Core Keeper: Is it on the Level of Terraria, Stardew Valley, and Valheim?

We look forward to seeing what else is in store for this game and seeing if it will be a well-remembered title in the constant stream of new games coming out.

Hunt: Showdown Targets the “Pay to Win” Character, Cain, Once Again.

The release of one character has arguably given players a good advantage over the rest in the stealth department. That would be legendary hunter, Cain.

The Tale of Bistun Review: An Ancient Persian Myth Turned into a Living World

This game really has everything that I would expect to see from a well-developed game. A compelling story, an excellent narration, a beautiful soundtrack, and smooth gameplay.

Impossible Slasher! Review: A Nostalgic and Retro Platformer

Something about 2D platform games brings me joy. Maybe it reminds me of the old arcade games played with friends before we all had consoles, or maybe it is just the simplicity of early gaming.

Hive Defender Review: A Labyrinth of Traps, Death, and Strategy

Seeing this already have such a strong presence and identity as a game means this could really take off in our opinion

The Steam Deck or the Nintendo Switch OLED Model: Which should you get?

With handheld consoles being Nintendo’s turf for decades, Valve will be an interesting rival in the market.